SMIDY69 5X2.5X2

There are many benefits to joining MASQ, some of these benefits include:

  1. Face to face discussions with other hobbyists.
    MASQ members meet on a regular basis to discuss the hobby and for general social outings. You can view upcoming events in the MASA calendar .

  2. Discounts from participating retailers.
    Becoming a MASQ member enables you to take advantage of unique discounts. These discounts can be seen here.

  3. Developing a network of locals that can help with advice.
    MASQ has a database of members local to you that can assist in your journey. These members can also help when a tank needs moving, provide local knowledge and lend a hand in emergencies.
  4. Swap/buy/sell corals from other hobbyists.
    Becoming a member of MASQ gives you access to a growing number of members who trade within the MASQ network allowing you access to a huge number of coral species that you may not have had access to previously.
  5. Access to the MASQ Library
    MASQ has a growing library of books, magazines, dvds and equipment available to MASQ members (even those who can not make it to meetings). Our Library currently consists of approximately 80 items and is growing everyday!
  6. Access to the MASA Group Buy Forum
    MASA has a consistent stream of group buys happening. These enable members to obtain the best prices on quality gear by ordering in large numbers.